Luvaria Ulisses offers its clients personalized service, which entails showing the client articles on stock that suit their needs. If the client does not find what they are looking for, the gloves are custom made after the client has been advised.

There are seven sizes for women and four sizes for Men, with a difference between men and women’s gloves of a ¼ of an inch (6¼ to 7¾) for women and ½ of an in inch for men (7½ to 9). Once the client has tried them on, they will see how they fit like a glove!

The new gloves are manufactured in sheep, goat and cow skin, as well as other alternatives such as kid leather, suede, nobuck and peccary (highly resistant and extremely smooth leather). As for the adornments, various types of leather are used, such as: mink snake, lizard, fox, etc.

The gloves on this site are only some of the few examples we manufacture.

A free repair service is offered for all gloves sold at Luvaria Ulisses.