LUVARIA ULISSES is a glove shop founded in 1925 by Joaquim Rodrigues Simões, an entrepreneur with a profound understanding of the habits of the people of Lisbon. As a Lisbon city council executive between 1919 and 1923, he requested authorization from the Government to construct shops in the neglected area of the Carmo Wall. He kept the space corresponding to no. 87-A, to himself as he immediately envisioned an establishment there that, notwithstanding its small dimensions, would nonetheless constitute a reference for this city, as did ULISSES mythology.

That is how ULISSES was born. It is located in Chiado, the noblest commercial area of Lisbon. It was idealized to serve the most demanding society of that time and has since then been known for its high quality products, with a unique and innovative design, product of its workshop created exclusively for the manufacture of the gloves it commercialized thus fostering quality control not only of the raw materials as well as the actual manufacturing process.

The decoration of the shop, which remains intact since its foundation, is comprised of empire inspired furniture perfectly integrated within the neoclassic facade.

The Luvaria Ulisses is the last shop in Portugal dedicated to the exclusive sale of gloves. Since its foundation, its client list has included the city’s political, cultural and artistic upper class and it remains faithful to its founding principles.

The production process is done by highly qualified professionals and all the manufacturing processes have remained unaltered and are predominantly custom made. First class leather is used as a result of permanent research in finding what the world has best to offer. The design varies from classic to sportswear therefore responding to the needs of a new generation.

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